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Safety Inspection
Safety inspection is required within 12 months of last inspection month, which can be determined by the yellow sticker on the vehicle's windshield.

Circle Shell Service Center is an official Inspection Station appointed by Virginia Department of Police.

Emission Inspection
Vehicle emissions inspections are required before the DMV will issue or renew registrations for most vehicles.

Virginia requires that the vehicle be tested under "driving conditions". To accomplish this, the vehicle is run on a stationary dynamometer. This allows the engine to be operated at highway speeds under a "load", simulating highway driving. This type of test gives a more accurate report on engine emissions output and overall engine operation.

Certified Emissions Repair Facility
Circle Shell Service Center has met the requirements of a Certified Emissions Repair facility.

As per DEQ, all repairs performed to qualify for vehicle emission inspection waiver must be approved by a Certified Emissions repair Technician at a Certified Emissions repair Facility.

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